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Friday, February 1, 2013


I began re-watching the first season of VGHS (Video Game High School) last night. I watched all 9 episodes several times, and today i realized that I haven't shared my thoughts on the series.

This is series is brilliant.  It was created last year by Freddie Wong and his team at RocketJump.  They do all sorts of crazy things, but VGHS has been their greatest success.

It is basically set in our world, but as if video games have taken over sports entertainment.  Although we don't see them in Season 1, there are apparently professional video game teams that go head to head, just like we see football and basketball teams playing against each other.

The first season is based around a high school kid named Brian D who has wished about going to VGHS his entire life.  He has a cat named Cheeto, and his mother is addicted to what looks like WoW.  She eats from a bowl that Brian D makes sure is full, and drinks Red Bull from a hat on her head that can hold multiple cans with straws coming down to her mouth.

The series starts out with Brian D, a wannabe FPS (first-person-shooter) pro.  After playing a few rounds with some friends, Brian D's mom tells him to take the cat out.  He goes AFK (away-from-keyboard) and it just so happens that as he is away, the best FPS player at VGHS randomly joins his game.  His name is "Law." Law jumps in and wipes out Brian D's entire team, but saves Brian D for last.  I won't reveal what happens, but that moment ends the first episode.

Brian D ends up enrolling at VGHS, and the rest of the season focuses on his struggles adapting to the rough lifestyle there.

VGHS is available for free on youtube. If you are a Netflix live streamer, you can check it out there, too.  Or, watch it directly at RocketJump.

Season 2 is currently being worked on (not in the filming stage quite yet).

Check out the first season.  Combined, it's only about an hour and 30 minutes long. I guarantee that you won't regret it!

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