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Friday, December 11, 2015

Book Review: Life Lost and Found by A.K. Williams


Have you ever finished reading a book and thought, Man, that main character felt so... real? This is one of those books. I know Madeline Elizabeth Parker. I know her past. I know the terrible things she has gone through. I was there with her, through some of it anyway. As a fly on the wall. No, more than that. More than just an eye-witness. I was a thought-witness. And through the tough experiences she goes through in the book, I longed to reach out and pat her on the back, or give her a hug, share some words of comfort or advice... but I couldn't. So I had to trust the other characters to do it for me.

This story is told from the heart. A.K. Williams delves into some deep darkness everyone has likely felt at some point or another in their lives. But it isn't all sadness. It isn't all about hopelessness. It's about a person becoming more than she was. It's a person discovering for the first time that she is more than just a hate-magnet. A person who is lost, but finds herself.

Treat yourself to this book. It'll have a lasting effect on you. It'll change the way you view yourself, as well as those around you.

Now, Mr. A.K. Williams, I want to know Gina's story.

All proceeds for this book go to charities. Please consider purchasing this book

To find out more about this book and the author, go here! 

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