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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Network... part 2

I have finally begun the continuation of writing my current novel, The Network.  It has been a few months since I had my break-through.  I was reaching about 60,000 words and in the process of concluding this special story when all of a sudden, the main character did something I had not planned.

You see, when I wrote Core of the Nations (for the final time) I knew exactly every event I wanted to include from beginning to end.  Sure, there were things that came to me as I wrote, but they just added to the meat of the story.  I decided to go about writing The Network a little differently.

I started with one concept.  I wrote it out and wanted to see where it would take me.  While this is probably not the best way to write, this experience has been amazing.  I'm writing things that are surprising me.  My characters seem real to me, doing things I don't expect.  I feel like I'm best buds with the main character, and I really feel for him at times.

I was reaching what I thought was the tail-end of the story.  I felt good about things.  Resolution was approaching.  And then my main character opened the door for more.

I stopped myself, wondering if I should delete the paragraph and just force the ending.  But something inside me told me to continue.  So I kept the paragraph and shut the laptop.  I haven't opened the Scrivener file since... until this morning. It's been a couple of months.

 I had 30 minutes before work this morning.  I took the time to go back through a few of the chapters and take a look over some of the events I wrote about just to make sure I could pick things up, and surprisingly, I did!  I only wrote a little bit, but what I did write was gold!  During my lunch break, I opened my laptop up once again and the writing just gushed out.  Beginning part 2 of the story was exhilarating.  And I loved every word I dumped!  I was disappointed to see the time fly by.  Back to work!  I couldn't think of anything else the entire time I was working.

My writing hasn't been neglected, though.  I wrote a short story for a publication contest coming up in January.  Those who win will be notified between September and December, so hopefully I'll get a nice letter saying "Awesome, we loved this story! You're the next big thing!" (just kidding)  It was a very fun piece to write!  The contest is based around bizarre, out of this world stories.  The publication is called "Imaginarium."  And it just so happens that I had a bizarre idea infiltrate my mind a month or so ago.  Well, once I got the invite, I wrote the story.  If any one is interested in reading it or wants more information about it, feel free to contact me.

So, tonight I will continue my writing of The Network.  I have fallen in love again with the story, and am devoted to finishing it.  We'll see how it all ends. :)