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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Book Review: Steelheart - By Brandon Sanderson

Where there are villains, there will be heroes. Just wait. They will come.

Wow. I'm blown away. This was such an amazing book on so many levels. I would say it is "epic," but that is just a little cheezy for this book review.

I went to Brandon Sanderson's book signing for this book on September 25th along with one of my buddies. It was a blast; Sanderson is as good of a person as he is a writer. The 40 minute Q & A/readings of upcoming releases was amazing. But when I actually got to meet him as he signed my book... well, let's just say I could have talked to him for hours had it not been for the uber line behind me.

Where to start? The book is non-stop action. Just when you think things are starting to slow down, BAM! something even crazier happens. This happens all the way to the very last page of the book. The characters are easy to relate to, particularly David, the main character. Cody is hilarious, and can't really decide what nationality he is. Then there is Prof, the main man of the Reckoners (the group fighting against the Epics)... not gonna give up any spoilers here, but some of his moments had my jaw dropping. Megan plays an essential role, particularly for David, throughout the book. Abraham is pretty cool, and the last member of the team, Tia, is probably the Reckoner I would want to be most like.

Then there are the Epics, the mad, crazy superhumans that have been given so much power, they can't think about doing anything but control others. Steelheart, obviously, is the main bad guy. You learn to really hate him. Then there are other "high Epics" like Nightwielder and Conflux.

Then there is Firefight (the title of the next book, too...). Dang. I want to go back and reread the entire book just because of Firefight! That's all I'm saying here.

Pick up a copy. You won't regret it. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Hollywood picks this one up. A movie version of this story (ok, I'm gonna get cheezy) would be so EPIC!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Network is Here!

Well, my friends, my project of 3 years has finally come to its culminating end: The Network has been published and is available everywhere! (Most stores will likely have to order it in, or just go to Amazon and order it)

What a fun ride. The Network was a book I was excited about throughout the entire process. I loved the creation, the twists and turns the story brought me. I even loved the editing! If you want a quick look, just click here. If you buy your copy from Amazon, you'll get a free Kindle version, too! Yay for freebies!

Yesterday I was privileged to meet Brandon Sanderson at a book signing in Salt Lake City. He signed my new copy of Steelheart. He spoke for about 40 minutes, which was awesome. He read a few excerpts from 2 upcoming books - the sequel to The Way of Kings, as well as the sequel to The Alloy of Law. Both were awesome.

I'm 7 chapters into Steelheart, and I must say, it is really good! Sanderson sold the movie rights to the book, and I sure hope someone picks it up and makes a film out of it!

In any case, you need to get yourself a copy of this book! You won't be disappointed!