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Monday, September 16, 2019

Bring Me That Horizon

I've done it. After months of deliberation on whether or not I should sunset my social media outlets, I have done so. As of 9/14, my presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram has been removed. I have various reasons for this move, both personally and professionally. To avoid offending anybody, I will not delve into any of these reasons at this time.

This move will give me more time do focus on more worthwhile things. As a novelist, I will be able to spend more time writing and improving my craft, as well as reading. As a musician, I will be able to focus more on memorizing songs on the piano and guitar. I'll be able to pay more attention to my family.

There may be a day in the future when I return to social media. For the foreseeable future, that will not happen.

For those wanting to get in touch with me, utilizing my website communication tools will be your best option. Head on over to http://www.authorjessebooth.com/

For those who do know me, our standard methods of communication are there.

Take luck, all.

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